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Love Bombing: What's behind the dangerous dating behavior?

L ove bombing sounds like a lot of feelings and great love. Unfortunately, there is a dangerous dating trend behind it. Because in love we are unfortunately easily manipulated. It is often difficult to see if someone is playing the wrong game with us. Just like with Love Bombing. Emotional manipulations happen quickly, both in relationships and during dating, when you don't really know and can assess the other person yet. A clear head is rare in the vortex of getting to know each other for the first time. Especially when the new partner showers you with deep feelings and even more attention. It is easy to understand that we are not always clear and objective. You would like to believe in the great love and let yourself be carried away. And so you often get into the situation that you get to the wrong one or the wrong one. This is also the case with Love Bombing, a dating behavior that manipulates you and does you no good. What exactly is Love Bombing? Love bombing is when the new d

Love Horoscope February 2022: Tingling Romance

Are you ready for the big feelings? Or is your partnership currently running rather slowly? We will tell you your love horoscope for February 2022 for all twelve zodiac signs. February has some romantic moments in store for you. On February 14, we can look forward to the most romantic day of the year, because then it's Valentine's Day again. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, giving you a little attention, or Valentine's Day is a day like any other for you, enjoy spending time together with your partner. Will February be romantic and passionate or will you have to give up the big feelings this month? In our love horoscope you will learn how the love stars stand for you in February 2022. Love Horoscope Capricorn Through your February you will be accompanied by wonderfully harmonious impulses. Couples pamper themselves with a lot of tenderness and empathy. Loyalty and reliability are easier than ever, the bond becomes more intense. As a single, you not only d

Sex in the shower: The 10 best positions & tips

You want to try sex in the shower? Here you will find tips and positions, thanks to which you can enjoy the Sauce under the shower without accidents. Yes, the shower also has its pitfalls – for example, a certain spatial limitation (unless you are one of the rich and beautiful and have a sweeping bathroom with a large rain shower, non-slip stone tiles, holding devices, a ground-level floor without a tub edge and without a disgusting "I-stick-to-you-tight" shower curtain). For everyone else: You need a bit of know-how so that the sex fits in the shower cubicle at all. 1. As in the movie Sounds really like a movie scene: Your partner lifts you up by the hips - gravity and three kilos too much are not an issue - you wrap your legs around him and lean with your upper body against the shower wall. In reality, unfortunately, a rather difficult number, in the truest sense of the word. Here you have to know how to help yourself. If you have an extremely strong man, a small wall protr