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How To Connect A Ps4 To A Chromebook?

Chromebooks are the need of the hour & very trending option in this technical world. Its demand is increasing day by day. It is been sold in bulks.

Keeping in mind the recent trend, it’s quite obvious to get such a query in your mind & surf for how to connect PS4 Controller to Chromebook.

Let’s not complicate this & look at it through a broad spectrum. A step-by-step guide to Connect PS4 Controller to Chromebook.

You have to start by opening the settings window on your Chromebook. Search for Bluetooth settings on the main settings page.

Your Chromebook will start looking out for available devices.

Simultaneously, on the PS4 controller go with the “Share” button & the PlayStation logo buttons till the light bar starts to show flash.

Opt for the “wireless connection” option from the devices available.

Give it some time & the devices will be paired.

How to Connect the PS4 Controller to Your Android?

Connect the PS4 Controller to Your Androi

Just now we looked at how to connect PS4 controller to Chromebook. Similarly, there is a process to connect it to your android device. The steps are as follows.

Go to the settings & find the Bluetooth settings option.

On the other hand, on your PS4 Controller hold the share & PlayStation logon buttons till it shows flash.

Now available devices will be shown on your Android smartphone, at this point you will be aware that you have to go with the wireless connection option.

Now you are good to go. Give it some time & the result will come out to be paired.

How To Play PS4 On Your Chromebook with HDMI?

Play PS4 On Your Chromebook with hdmi

The fastest way to connect PS4 controller to Chromebook is via HDMI cable. Other devices when connected by an HDMI cable send as well as receives the information whereas the Chromebook act limited to output data when connected to an HDMI cable.

For effective functions, the following steps are involved which are to be followed religiously.

Before beginning the procedure, you will require some elements. They are as follows -: Fast internet, male video adapter, DVI cable, Chromebook, PS4, dual functioning HDMI cable & female DVI-D.

Make sure that you have the same Wi-Fi connection for your Chromebook & PS4.

As Chromebook is not specifically designed for gaming it doesn’t support heavy games. For that, you will need to download the PS4 REMOTE PLAY app from Google Play Store.

Once you are done with it, validate that the HDMI port remains connected to male video as the Chromebook doesn’t support a two-way display. This is the only method that will assist you.

Confirm that the DVI cable is new & good. Inconvenience, in it, can lead to an overall bad gaming experience.

For the best experience, you always require sound while playing games. Use the audio port of your PS4 controller for the speakers.

Activate Bluetooth on Your PS4 Controller

Activate Bluetooth on Your PS4 Controller

It is a simple process. All you need to do is hold down the share & PlayStation logo simultaneously till the light bar begins to flash which is the clear indication of the device getting paired. For different devices, the settings may vary.

How To Open/Start Bluetooth on Your Device?

For Google & Samsung Android Smartphones – Select settings>go to Bluetooth setting>Pair new device.

For Steam Link – Go to the wireless controller in available Bluetooth devices>select the A button.

For Chromebook – As mentioned above, opt for settings>then click on Bluetooth settings>pair with the wireless connection.


What Games Can I Play on A Chromebook with A PS4 Controller?

You can play games of your choice & preference. Some famous games that you can play with a PS4 controller on Chromebook include The Grand Theft Auto series, Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, GRID Autosport, etc.

What Games Does Chromebook Handle?

The domain is very huge & never-ending. The Chromebook can handle games like Game Dev Tycoon, PUBG mobile, NBA Jam, Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition, Among us, Google stadia, Alto’s Odyssey & Castlevania: Symphony of the night. 

Does Chromebook have Bluetooth?

Yes, just like any other device Chromebook has Bluetooth which can be connected to various devices such as mice, headphones, speakers & more.

Can I connect Chromebook to the TV?  

You can connect your Chromebook to a TV but you will require a mode which can be an HDMI, DVI, or VGA port.


Nowadays, there is a rapid increase in the Chromebooks in the public. To utilize it in an effective way you should be aware of its advantages & limitations.

The above guide about connect ps4 controller to a chromebook is for your convenience & to give you wide knowledge about Chromebooks. As a generation grown with Windows PCs it gets somewhat tough to deal with a new device.

But no need to worry, the above steps are all you need. Hopefully, it will help you out & enhance your gaming experience 1000 times better.


  1. Thanks for the help but I was wondering if I can connect PS4 slim to my Chromebook without all the mentioned above cables but only HDMI to USB?thank you


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